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Optimise your life with personalised nutrition & lifestyle choices

At Wellness Unlimited Co, we believe in a holistic approach to achieving true wellness. Drawing inspiration from ancient practices like Ayurveda and integrating modern functional medicine, our philosophy centers around promoting an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. We provide a wealth of resources, from nutrition and lifestyle content to curated wellness products and personalized 1-on-1 health coaching programs, all designed to support you on your journey towards optimal health.

Find Your Inner Balance

Find Your Inner Balance

Nourish your uniqueness

We believe that everyone’s health and wellness needs are unique, influenced by genetics, environment, and lifestyle. By understanding and prioritising your individual needs, and adopting habits that resonate with you and your unique preferences, you can better nourish your body and mind to achieve optimal health in a sustainable way.

Gut & whole body health

Good gut health is fundamental to overall wellness. By nurturing your digestive system, you have the power to positively impact various aspects of your health, such as alleviating symptoms of autoimmune disorders, promoting clear and vibrant skin, and enhancing emotional balance and mood.

From anxiety to serenity

By practising simple techniques to regulate your nervous system, you can shift from “fight or flight” mode to “rest and digest” mode, leading to a reduction in inflammation and greater control over your mind and body.

Our mission

is to show you how to fight inflammation so you can prevent, manage or reserve chronic diseases.

Our values


We rely on simple principles found in nature to guide our approach and strive to break down complex topics on nutrition and lifestyle to make them more accessible and relatable.


We have created a safe and supportive environment where clients can share their experiences and feelings without fear of judgement or criticism.

Growth mindset

We embrace a culture of continuous learning and improvement, not just for ourselves, but for the benefit of our clients.

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Living and eating the anti-inflammatory way

Get your hands on this comprehensive 20+ page ebook designed to help you navigate your journey towards optimal health. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health, address specific health issues, or boost your energy and well-being, this ebook will be your go-to companion. Inside you’ll find:

The creator & resident health coach

The creator & resident health coach

Lucie is a seasoned entrepreneur and wellness practitioneer who leverages her personal health journey and business experience to guide others in making mindful choices.
She is a certified health and nutrition coach, sound healing therapist, co-founder of the women wellness platform Moon and creator of The WU Anti-inflammatory RESET Method®, designed to help you feel your best both physically and mentally.

Become the leader of your own health

1-on-1 Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs are designed to help you gain a clear understanding of your personal strengths, develop effective strategies for wellness, and learn about foods and habits that can reduce inflammation in the body.

The WU Anti-inflammatory
RESET Method®










Tune in, Test, Track & Tackle Toxins

Go anti-inflammatory: reduce disease risks, manage existing conditions, and achieve peak physical and mental health.

For professionals

Additionally, I work with health and wellness entrepreneurs coaching them to confidently launch, optimise, and grow their businesses and brands through a scalable and structured approach that includes all my proven strategies and processes.

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