Hi! Im Lucie

A telehealth pioneer, wellness expert and brand consultant, on a mission to inspire and connect with more people who are striving to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

About my career

My educational background and career are as colourful as my personality (don’t let the neutral aesthetic here fool you).

At the age of 25, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey in the art trade. From there, I transitioned into the field of dentistry, where I not only managed and sold a physical dental practice but also founded a dental marketing agency. Along the way, I self-published my first book and ventured into the world of disruptive technology by launching a tech business. Through this endeavour, I gained invaluable experience in app development, leading a team of over 60 individuals across two countries, establishing a 3D manufacturing facility, shipping to over 60 countries, managing millions in advertising budgets, and serving thousands of customers around the clock.

These past 10 years have offered me diverse experiences and invaluable lessons. I now have a profound understanding of the challenges faced by high-performing individuals and the detrimental impact that chronic stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and neglecting personal well-being can have.

What led me to wellness

I turned to wellness to address and manage my own mental and physical health challenges. Throughout my personal health journey, I have encountered chronic anxiety, depression, inflammatory skin conditions, IBS, SIBO and an autoimmune disease (Coeliac). I have experienced the frustration of navigating the medical world and the lengthy process of obtaining a diagnosis. Along the way, I have sought guidance from various healthcare professionals including a nutrition coach, a DNA expert, a psychiatrist, a hypnotherapist, a gastroenterologist, a dermatologist, an Ayurveda practitioner, an Ayurveda therapist, a Yoga instructor, a Pilates instructor, and more.

My curiosity led me to research natural yet evidence-based practices to help manage my mental and physical health, alleviate my symptoms, and improve my quality of life.

For a significant period of time, my focus was primarily on external achievements. However, as I began to turn inward, I witnessed a profound self-transformation that I never thought would be possible. Now, I am determined to assist other high achievers in feeling supported and guided on their own paths of self-awakening.

To further my expertise in nutrition and wellness, I enrolled in what I now confidently regard as the best nutrition coaching course, graduating in September 2023. I also successfully completed a course on the anti-inflammatory diet and am currently undertaking courses in breathwork and environmental medicine.

Licenses & certifications

2022 -2023

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,
Institute for Integrative Nutrition


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet,
University of Arizona College of Medicine

"In life, there will be ups and downs, but you can overcome them. Prioritise your emotional well-being, keep inflammation levels under control, and empower yourself to tackle challenges head-on with confidence. Stay prepared and equipped, so you can face life without being on edge."

My wellness practice

While for some a demanding career can lead to stress and burnout, my busy work life has allowed me to become even more resilient mentally. It has taught me to focus my energy and mind on things I truly believe in. The unavoidable stress and pressure have helped me build my wellness toolkit, allowing me to push myself and giving me the freedom to invest in my personal growth.

I am passionate about researching and digesting information around nutrition and healthy habits to make the topic accessible, approachable, non-restrictive and easily integrated into daily life. By doing so, I hope to help people understand that, by adopting a healthy lifestyle now, they can be their best self beyond their career and into their golden age.

I help leaders, entrepreneurs and doers achieve their full potential at work while managing their mental and physical health in a realistic way through guidance, accountability and structure while respecting bio individuality.

What I like about coaching is that it’s action driven: you’re in the driver’s seat, it’s not static or focused on observing the past. Instead, we can focus on finding solutions and creating strategies to improve your life and grow every day. It’s a very exciting process and one where you can see and feel results instantly if you’re open to it.

“While genetics set the stage, it’s your daily choices that shape the performance”

The Wellness Unlimited approach

At Wellness Unlimited, our mission is to empower busy professionals by equipping them with the tools to proactively manage their physical health and enhance their mental well-being.

We achieve this by guiding clients in the development of simple yet impactful behavioural, lifestyle, and dietary habits that effectively prevent and manage chronic diseases stemming from inflammation.

We believe that true wellness cannot be achieved through shortcuts or hacks. If you’re open to embracing change and personal growth, we are here to help you discover and cultivate your own personalised wellness toolkit. With this toolkit, you’ll be equipped to honor your body every day and confidently navigate any challenges that come your way.

The WU Anti-inflammatory
RESET Method®










Tune in, Test, Track & Tackle Toxins

Go anti-inflammatory: reduce disease risks, manage existing conditions, and achieve peak physical and mental health.


Coeliac disease and gluten free eating

Anti-inflammatory diet & lifestyle

Plant focused recipes

Anxiety management

6 fun facts about me

6 fun facts about me

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