Hi! Im Lucie

As a wellness practitioner, telehealth pioneer, and seasoned entrepreneur, I am deeply passionate about empowering others to become confident leaders in health, life, and business.

About my career

At 25, armed with degrees in both law and art history aimed at becoming an auctioneer, I launched my first business as an antique dealer. 

From the art world, I started a new chapter in healthcare, where I not only managed and sold a physical dental practice in London but also founded a dental marketing agency. Along the way, I self-published my first book and co-founded my first healthtech startup growing it into a team of 60+ serving customers around the clock in 60+ countries, hitting 8 figures in 6 years. 

That whole journey, filled with discipline and sacrifices, offered me more than just business lessons; it provided life-changing insights that extend well beyond the boardroom.

What led me to wellness

My path to wellness began as a personal quest to overcome my own mental and physical health challenges. I’ve faced chronic anxiety, depression, inflammatory skin conditions, IBS, SIBO, and Coeliac disease. The journey through the medical world to find a diagnosis was long and often frustrating. I’ve sought advice from a wide array of healthcare professionals, from a nutrition coach and DNA expert to a psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, gastroenterologist, dermatologists, Ayurveda practitioners, yoga and Pilates instructors, and more.

Driven by a deep curiosity, I explored natural and evidence-based methods to manage my health, ease my symptoms, and enhance my life quality.

There was a time when I focused mainly on external achievements. Yet, turning inward led to an unexpected and profound transformation. This shift has now fueled my mission to support other high achievers on their journey toward self-discovery and wellness.

To deepen my understanding of nutrition and wellness, I pursued a leading nutrition coaching certification, graduating in September 2023. I’ve also completed a course on the anti-inflammatory diet, earned a level 3 certification in sound healing therapy, and am currently expanding my knowledge in breathwork and environmental medicine.

Licenses & certifications

2022 -2023

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,
Institute for Integrative Nutrition


The Anti-Inflammatory Diet,
University of Arizona College of Medicine


Sound Healing Therapist,
Accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)
"It was through embracing Ayurveda's wisdom on balance, gut health and routines tailored to my body type, alongside understanding chronic inflammation as the root cause of my symptoms, that I found a path to profound healing and transformation."

My wellness practice

The wellness path I share is the one I follow daily. I live by the same wellness standards I recommend.

For many, a high-pressure career might pave the way to stress and burnout, but for me, it has been a journey towards mental resilience. My demanding work life has sharpened my ability to channel energy and focus on what genuinely matters. The inevitable stress became the cornerstone of my wellness practice, pushing me to expand my boundaries and invest in personal growth. Every piece of advice, every strategy I share comes from real, lived experience.

I love researching and digesting information about chronic inflammation, nutrition, biohacking, and forming healthy habits. I share what I learn for free on my social media and website blog, hoping to inspire others. It’s all about seeing the control we have over our health and how living purposefully can boost both our longevity and life quality.

What I love about coaching is its focus on action: you’re in control, not just looking back at the past. We concentrate on finding solutions and building strategies to better your life every single day. It’s an exciting journey, one where you can quickly see and feel the difference, especially if you’re open to change.

“While genetics set the stage, it’s your daily choices that shape the performance”

The Wellness Unlimited approach

At Wellness Unlimited, our mission is to show you how to fight inflammation so you can prevent, manage or reserve chronic diseases. 

We achieve this by guiding our clients to develop straightforward yet powerful habits in behaviour, lifestyle, and diet. These habits are key to preventing and managing chronic diseases that arise from inflammation.

We believe that true wellness cannot be achieved through shortcuts or hacks. If you’re open to embracing change and personal growth, we are here to help you discover and cultivate your own personalised wellness toolkit. With this toolkit, you’ll be equipped to honour your body every day and confidently navigate any challenges that come your way.

The WU Anti-inflammatory
RESET Method®










Tune in, Test, Track & Tackle Toxins

Go anti-inflammatory: reduce disease risks, manage existing conditions, and achieve peak physical and mental health.


Coeliac disease and gluten free eating

Anti-inflammatory diet & lifestyle

Plant focused recipes

Anxiety management


Take charge of your well-being today! Explore nourishing recipes, discover self-care practices, and join me on a journey towards optimal health. Visit our blog and follow us on Instagram for inspiration and guidance.