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I am a certified Health & Nutrition Coach, creator behind The WU Anti-inflammatory RESET Method® and Co-Founder of women wellness platform Moon. I recently obtained certification as a sound healing therapist, adding another layer of support for my clients through my Relax and Tune in pillars. 

I show you how to fight inflammation so you can manage, prevent or reverse chronic diseases.

My Ikigai: empower people to become confident leaders in life, health, and business.


Working with me means choosing a simple yet effective path to health and wellness that’s customised just for you, leading to real, lasting change.

How do we do it? 

By taking a holistic approach that covers everything from your daily routines and diet to your social life and mindset. We focus on understanding the root causes of your health issues, including the emotional and mental factors, to not just make quick fixes but to create lasting health and happiness. With ongoing support, we’ll navigate any challenges together and celebrate every success, empowering you to make the best choices for your well-being. 

Together, we’ll unlock the healthiest version of you.


I won’t just hand you a strict plan because lasting change comes from choices that feel right to you, not from strict rules that don’t get to the heart of why you’re feeling unwell. We’ll look at what lifestyle changes can bring you back into balance and address your symptoms, which often stem from both emotional stress and physical inflammation.

Think of me as your guide, giving you the tools and support to take charge of your health. We’re in this together, working towards a balanced, healthier you.

Our sessions begin with guided breathing, followed by reflective discussions, progress reviews, and goal setting for the future. Leave each time feeling refreshed, supported, and motivated to make positive changes. You’ll also get a session summary and a dashboard with all tools and notes conveniently organised.


Prepare to…

  • Enhance your focus, clarity, and productivity
  • Discover balance and inner peace within yourself
  • Glow from the inside out
  • Deepen your understanding of your body and take the reins of your health
  • Lead a purposeful life aligned with your core values

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